Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon

2nd October 2022 | 8:30am

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Draft Legal Racing

What is Draft Legal Racing? 

Draft Legal racing is a style of Duathlon racing that allows athletes to draft off of one another on the bike leg of a Duathlon. This reduces the effect of drag on an athlete due to following the lead bikes slipstream. Draft Legal racing typically involves a lot of athletes riding in packs, like you might see in major cycling races and World Triathlon Series events. 

What are the main differences in officiating for a draft legal race compared to a non-draft race?

First and foremost, the main difference will be that there will not be any drafting penalties given out by the officials during a draft legal race. Make sure you understand specific race rules by attending the races pre-race briefing, which is typically required for all athletes in a draft legal race. 

What are the equipment requirements for a draft legal race?

The main difference to note for draft legal racing is that a road bike is required. Only traditional drop-style handlebars and brake levers are allowed – aerobars are not. Furthermore, all wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes, so disc wheels are not allowed.

Full Throttle Duathlon will be a draft legal race and will be a practice event for the Mass Attack Duathlon in October; a 2023 World Sprint Duathlon Qualifier. 

Summary of Draft Legal Rules: 
  • Time trial bikes are not permitted for draft legal racing 
  • The bike will be no more than 185cm long and 50cm wide
  • Only traditional drop style handlebars and brake levers are permitted. 
  • Handlebars must be securely covered with end plugs
  • No wheel may contain any mechanisms, which are capable of accelerating it.
  • Wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes, therefore disc wheels are not allowed
  • There must be one brake on each wheel
  • Bike race number tickets provided, must be placed on the bike as instructed, without any alteration. 
  • Drafting is forbidden off a motorbike or vehicle
  • Drafting is forbidden off a different gender competitor